How do I pay for my spot at camp?

You can pay on our shop page or you can register and you will receive an invoice. Please note that your spot is not confirmed until you pay the deposit. Please email info@shehunts.com for additional payment options. 

What do I bring to wear at camp?

Comfy clothes and closed toe shoes for the range activities. You receive a swag bag full of gear for use at the camp so you really only need to bring your essentials. 

Do I need to bring a gun or bow to camp?

You do not need to bring any weapons to camp. You may bring your bow if you would like to work on your form with your own equipment. Please do not bring any firearms to camp. We carefully service and maintain our weapons to ensure that they are always in tip top condition. 

Where is camp?

She Hunts Skills Camps are held at Record Buck Ranch. You can check out the Ranch at Recordbuck.com for more information and detailed maps with directions. 

Where do I fly into and out of for camp?

You would fly to San Antonio Airport SAT. The camp always starts on a Thursday and ends on a Monday. We ask that flights arrive prior to 1pm on Thursday and leave after 3pm on Monday. We suggest Pear Tree In by the airport if you need to overnight. We will pick you up from San Antonio airport or the hotel on Thursday and drop back off on Monday. Ladies that prefer to drive are welcome to do so, we ask that they arrive to camp around 2:30 on Thursday and leave around 1pm on Monday. There is plenty of parking at the ranch.

Are there snakes?

Although we would love to cleanse Texas of all snakes, there are a few around. We have never had a run in with a snake on this property and don't tend to worry too much about them. 


How many ladies are at each camp?

We only take 12 ladies per camp so that we ensure that each woman gets the personal attention and instruction that she needs. 

What are the accommodations like?

The lodge is 10 bedrooms in one building. Each room has two full size beds and a full bathroom. All camp spots are double occupancy because we have found that the experience is more fun with a roommate. If that is an issue let us know and we can make an exception. 

What if I am not comfortable participating in one of the seminars?

This camp is about giving our ladies every opportunity to learn while enjoying the process so if there is something you simply don't want to do you can just take a nap, read a book or simply relax while that seminar takes place and join back in afterward. We do not require or force any part of this camp, this is for your knowledge and enjoyment only. 

What is the biggest hurdle for most women at camp?

The biggest difficulty we see at camp is ladies hoping to do everything perfectly the first time and being hard on themselves when that is not the case. We work on enjoying the process of learning and helping ladies to work through issues with shooting and hunting that cause them to doubt themselves. This is all about getting you comfortable with your own skills and we will happily give anyone extra time on any seminar during breaks to help them hone their skills. 

What if I don't want to kill anything but I want to understand hunting before I make my decision?

You are not required to kill anything to attend the camp. We have ladies in camp often that want to understand everything about the process of hunting (sometimes because of a spouse that hunts or because their children are interested in starting to hunt) but don't have the urge to pull the trigger on an animal themselves and that is perfectly fine, they still leave camp having had a great experience. 


Can I hunt at camp?

We leave a block of time in the morning and evening for those that wish to hunt. To add a hunt you only need to pay the trophy fee to the ranch and we will cover the daily rates to guides. Tips to guides are optional but appreciated. 

You may use our She Hunts rifles for your hunt. 

What if I have never shot a gun?

She Hunts is ready to help introduce you to shooting with a zero pressure fun approach. We have dealt with plenty of first timers as well as pros so don't stress!